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Corporate videos

A good corporate film quickly shows what your company stands for, creates confidence in the viewer, and also encourages purchases. I'm happy to help you find the story of your company and convert it into a kick-ass video that will help you attract new customers in no time.

Below are a number of corporate videos that I have made.


This young and fresh tech company in the heart of Rotterdam does things completely differently from all other traditional freight transport companies. You immediately feel that energy when visiting. Good vibes and hard work with a smile!


The digital marketing coach that can help every entrepreneur reach the next level. The team at GetOn wanted to convey their story in a light-hearted and colorful way. Fun fact: I am also a coach at GetOn, so I was able to shine both behind and in front of the camera during the shoot.


Music that brings you immediately into the moment. Innermoon helps you connect and feel at home. I noticed that too when making this video. Wow!

Els Bosma

Els knows better than anyone how to find the pain points that stand in the way of success. My job is to make those pain points clear in a video in which you immediately feel the connection with Els to get started.


The mission of the team at Hoofdbaas: to help as many people as possible to be in charge of their own heads again. And they do this professionally and with pleasure. The one condition of the film: a drone shot. Ok, no problem!

Studio Boy

Nice man Boy knows how to use his talent to create a clear message: Making sexuality more accessible. Who wouldn't want to have these beautiful vulva and penis items at home after seeing this video?

Schoots Gunter

The powerful women of Schoots Gunter know better than anyone how to make divorces go as smoothly as possible (as far as possible). Their aim is for both parties to be happy and transition smoothly into the next phase of their lives.

Story To Video

Under the motto 'practice what you preach', I could of course not stay behind with a good corporate film. Here is the result!

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